Studio Policy

Studio Policies and Things to Remember

Improving your voice requires diligent practice, willingness to try new ideas, and patience with yourself to allow new techniques to take effect.

Daily practice sessions are of the utmost importance. Always do your full sequence of warm-ups that you learn in your lesson before delving into your repertoire. Striving for 30 minutes per day is sufficient at first, but after a short while, you should work up to 60 minute practice sessions most days. If you find that you don't have time to practice the full amount on one or more days of the week, make every effort to do 15 minutes of warm-ups on those days. As a voice student, you are building muscle strength and flexibility. This requires diligent attention!


Students will establish an ongoing lesson time that is mutually convenient. Please notify me of scheduling conflicts with your regularly scheduled lesson one month in advance, or as soon as possible.


I expect you to come to your lessons prepared and on time. When you arrive late you forfeit that portion of your lesson time as I do not extend lessons. If you are going to be late I would appreciate a call or text (preferred). Plan ahead and save my cell phone number in your phone: (206) 303-8412.


Lesson cancellations must be given 24-hours in advance except in case of emergencies.  An emergency constitutes medical or property damage situations that must be immediately attended to. Cancelled lessons that fit within my guidelines will not be debited from your lesson balance. Ineligible cancelled lessons are forfeit.


I am a performing artist and on occasion my availability is limited due to my performance related work. I am also the mother of a baby and may need to cancel or reschedule due to childcare constraints from time to time. I will make every effort to give as much notice as possible in these cases and will not debit your lesson balance for ANY cancellation on my behalf. 


I require that you cancel your lesson if you are ill or feel a cold coming on. As a performing artist, I need to limit my exposure to viruses as much as possible so that I can keep up with my performing and teaching schedule. Please respect this request and get in touch with me if you are feeling ill before your lesson. I reserve the right to refuse lessons to ill or possibly contagious students.



Lessons are purchased in packages from my lesson store on this website. 
Please make sure you have purchased a package of lessons prior to your scheduled lesson with me. I will keep track of the lessons you have used and will send a reminder when a new package needs to be purchased. However, I encourage you to keep track as well and purchase batches of lessons as needed. Thanks!

I encourage open communication with my students. Please keep me informed about how you feel your lessons and practicing are going. Always let me know of repertoire you would like to work on. Let's have fun!