Hi! Please read below for specific information about studying voice with me. If you are interested, the best way to contact me is by registering on this site. I will receive notification right away and be in touch with you regarding your first consultation/lesson.



Lessons are available in pre-paid packages of five or ten lessons, following the fee structure below:
Five 30-minute lessons @ $35 each -- $175
Ten 30-minute lessons @ $32 each -- $320
Five 45-minute lessons @ $50 each -- $250
Ten 45-minute lessons @ $45 each -- $450
Five 60-minute lessons @ $65 each -- $325
Ten 60-minute lessons @ $60 each -- $600



I teach adolescent (post-puberty) through adult students. The muscles of the larynx grow and change for both men and women during puberty, and it is best to wait until some of those changes have taken place before we begin vocal training.

If your younger child is involved in a lot of singing activities such as choral groups and musical theater, it may be appropriate to combine  training in piano and musicianship with some voice coaching to aid in the formation of healthy singing habits. Please contact me for more information.


Basic Materials for Lessons

  1. A book of staff paper to write out your vocal exercises
  2. A piano or keyboard available for personal practice. If you do not already own one, I will advise you about the purchase of an appropriate student instrument.
  3. A recording device to record your lessons. This can be a small digital recorder or cassette recorder.
  4. Books of vocal music -- always bring what you have to your first lesson. I will advise you on what to purchase as we begin working together.
  5. YOU -- in good health! Protect your vocal cords from damage by establishing healthy habits: get enough sleep, drink plenty of water (little sips throughout your lesson are not sufficient!), and please stay home if you are ill.